The Texas Coastal Bend Fishing And Visitor's Headquarters

Corpus Christi, Texas

Welcome to the Texas Coastal Bend

Fishing the Texas Coastal Bend offers some of the greatest inshore and offshore excitement in the world.

The Coastal Bend of Texas is generally considered to be... Read More

Fishing for Redfish in the Texas Coastal Bend

Perhaps the most sought after game fish in the bays of the Gulf Coast is the red drum, more commonly called the redfish.  The redfish is a stealthy hunter found throughout the Texas Coastal Bend.  It ranges from the grass flats and tidal lakes in the back of our bays through the passes that lead to the Gulf of Mexico and up and down the... Read More

Fishing for Speckled Trout

Throughout the bays of the Texas Coastal Bend the most frequently caught game fish is the Speckled Trout. Known by the scientific community as the Spotted Seatrout, locally it is referred to simply as a “trout” or a “spec”...

Fishing for Flounder

The southern flounder is perhaps one of the most delectable fish caught in the Texas Coastal Bend. The flounder is an unusual fish that swims near the bottom of the bay, parallel to the bottom, and uses his unique camouflage to ambush prey from drop offs, current swept points, and by burying himself in the sandy flats...