The Bull Drum Run

During late winter and early spring, the larger breeding drum congregate by the hundreds in deep channels and bays and along jetties leading to the Gulf before they spawn.  This typically occurs during February, March and April.  This is the time for the “Big Uglies!” 

Guided by the instinct to breed and a natural desire to feed heavily before the spawn, the herds of bull drum running through passes and deep cuts are actively feeding and competing to get the available food.  The combination of actively feeding fish and the gathering of hundreds of trophy sized fish are what defines the popularity of the bull drum run.

The bull drum run is the best opportunity that many anglers will have to catch a 20, 30 or even 40 pound fish.  During this period, you will see many channels that are accessible from the bank lined with families picnicing with three or four rods cast out to the edge of the channel.  Baited with large chunks of blue crab or a slice of fish, these anglers are looking to catch the largest fish of their lives.

Black drum run deep and fight hard.  For sportfish anglers used to fish that run hard or leap out of the water, the black drum may seem like reeling in an old tire.  But make no mistake about it, a bull drum running deep is a tug-a-war worth fighting.  For many local Coastal Bend anglers, the bull run is the highlight of the fishing year.