Catching Flounder

Rod and reel and gigging are the two primary methods sport anglers use to catch flounder along the Texas Gulf Coast.  Gigging or “floundering” is done at night when the flounder move up on to the shallow flats to ambush prey, while rod and reel are used primarily during the day and off piers and jetties at night.

Whether gigging flounder or using rod and reel, the common knowledge needed is knowing their feeding patterns.  Look for areas with good tidal flow where tidal waters tend to get choked down to cuts or channels that will carry schools of forage fish and shrimp past the flounder.

With both methods, you need to keep moving until you find the flounder.  When flounder find a good hunting ground, they will sit and wait and they will tend to be there in bunches.  Once you catch or gig a flounder, work the area hard.  There is a better than average chance that there are more around.