The Flounder Run

Every year, female flounder make two large migrations between the bay system and the Gulf of Mexico.  One is in the fall when they move out to the Gulf of Mexico to meet their mates for the spawn and the other migration is in the late winter/early spring back into the bays of the Coastal Bend to spend the summer feeding.

The spring migration of flounder into the bays is spread out over a longer period and provides increased angling opportunities along the channels and reefs leading in from the Gulf.  Because it is spread out over a longer period and the flounder group in smaller numbers, it provides a modest increase in activity.

When anglers refer to “the flounder run,” they are generally referring to the fall migration when hormone driven females are piling up along the points and passes that lead back to the Gulf of Mexico as they go out to spawn.  During the October to December fall migration, flounder catches soar and is the prime time to find flounder in large groups both gigging and by rod and reel.

Because of the great concentration of flounder during these times, Texas has significantly reduced the limit of flounder allowed to be caught during these some of these months and has excluded the use of gigs altogether during the month of November.   Please refer to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website for up-to-date catch and possession limits.