Redfish Bay

Redfish Bay is a triangular shaped area between Aransas Pass, Texas and Port Aransas, Texas. It is bordered on the north by Aransas Bay and on the south by the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. Rather than being a large open water area, Redfish Bay is actually a complex of islands, grass flats and channels with the only deep water being on its southern edge next to the Corpus Christi Ship Channel.

The 14,000 acres of fragile grass flats are a rich generator of nutrients for all of the area bay systems and has been designated by the Texas Parks & Wildlife as a State Scientific Area. It is the northern most extensive stands of seagrass on the Texas Coast and its protection is vital to our local fishery. On May 1, 2006, the area was designated as a no prop zone which makes it illegal to run a boat through the stands of seagrass in a way that would cause them to be uprooted.

The restriction does not restrict access to the areas by boats or even running through the area as long as the grass is not disturbed. To be in compliance with the Seagrass regulation, the best way to experience the great fishery provided by the seagrass areas is to drift, use a push pole or an electric trolling motor to get through them.

Full information about boundaries, restrictions, maps, and benefits of the Redfish Bay State Scientific Area Seagrass program can be found here, on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Website

Redfish Bay Fishing Map