Fishing Aransas Pass

The primary fishing area near Aransas Pass is Redfish bay. Watching the fish cleaning tables at the various boat ramps around Aransas Pass you will see good catches of redfish, flounder, speckled trout and drum being brought in. The primary focus is fishing the 14,000 acres of seagrass flats in the area for redfish and the various channels, cuts and deep holes for trout.

In addition to some of the richest marine habitat in Texas, Aransas Pass offers a lot of protected areas that can be fished on windy days. Regardless of wind direction, there is always a flats or deep hole behind a wind break that can be fished in with the potential to make a good catch.

Aransas Pass is also a jumping off point for offshore boats that head up the Aransas Channel to the Gulf of Mexico out of Conn Brown Harbor or the San Patricio Navigation District Marina near Ransom Park.

Aransas Pass Area Fishing Locations