Catching Speckled Trout

  • Fishing for Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout are the most widely caught game fish in the Texas Coastal Bend.  They are caught from boats, by waders,  from the shore and from piers.  The methods used to target speckled trout are just a varied as the type of angler pursuing them.  The popularity of speckled trout stems from their abundance and quality meat.    Adding to this is their willingness to hit both natural and artificial baits and their year round availability.

Generally speaking, fish shallow early and late in the day and fish adjacent channels, holes and drop offs in the middle of the day most of the year.  During late fall, winter and exceptionally cold snaps, fish deep water in marinas, deep channels and the deepest holes in flats areas.  During moderate weather and overcast days, stay on shallow flats and reefs longer.  During cooler months, trout may move up a little later in the morning and earlier in the afternoon or may just stay in the deeper parts of the bays.

If you are in the right water at the right time of day and still not catching, vary your bait.  Different size trout will eat differently, with smaller trout eating shrimp and small fish, while larger trout eat only larger fish.  It may just be that you are fishing for the wrong size trout!