Corpus Christi Bay

The largest bay in the Texas Coastal Bend is Corpus Christi Bay. A large eliptical shaped bay Corpus Christi Bay is also the deepest bay in the area. Its shoreline offers a wealth of wading and drift fishing opportunities for trout and several oyster reefs through out it make natural gathering places for game fish. The east boundary of Corpus Christi Bay is Mustang Island which creates a barrier from the Gulf of Mexico. The cuts and tidal lakes on the bay side of Mustang Island are very popular for redfish, flounder and trout.

The points around Ingleside is home to the largest reef in Corpus Christi Bay. Known as Long Reef, it is excellent for trout all year. The south shoreline along the City of Corpus Christi along Shoreline Drive to Oso Bay offers good protection from the strong prevailing southeast winds for fishing from its shores.

There are also several piers that offer public access to the Corpus Christi Bay, including the Cole Park Pier near downtown Corpus Christi and the Indian Point Pier in Portland.

Corpus Christi Bay Fishing Map